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AOA Lip + Blackhead Exfoliator

SKU: AOA-0397

  • Double sided lip and nose exfoliation scrubber tool
  • Perfect for exfoliation and gently removing dry skin
  • Gently removes dry skin on the lips making them smooth and soft.
  • Thin bristle side helps exfoliate lips, round bristles help stimulate blood circulation for fuller lip appearance.
  • Can be used on nose and chin to help exfoliate blackheads

    The lip scrubber is the perfect tool that will give you soft and plumped lips in no time. Use the thin bristle side to gently exfoliate your lips and the round larger bristle side to help stimulate blood circulation for the appearance of fuller lips.

    TO USE: Apply lip scrub and gently massage your lips in a circular motion using the thin bristles to exfoliate your lips. Once done, apply lip oil and massage your lips using the round bristles to stimulate blood circulation.

    For blackheads, apply your favorite cleanser on your nose and gently use the scrubber in circular motions to loosen blackheads. The small hole at the tip of the handle can be used to help extract blackheads.

    1 Scrubber tool included. 

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