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AOA Women's 5-Blade Razor Starter Kit

SKU: AOA-0450


AOA Women's 5-Blade Razor Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1x  AOA Studio Razor Handle
  • 5x Swedish Engineered Five-Blade Heads
  • 1x AOA Stainless Steel Shower Hook

Using the highest quality Swedish steel, our blades give you a close, smooth shave every time. The ergonomic handle (that won't slip out of your hands!) and rounded edges to work with your body — knees, bikini line, for the cleanest, closest most comfortable shave.

Lubricating aloe strip provides an even glide and smooth finish

The shower wall hooks keeps your razor dry and clean until you are ready to use it again. Peel off the adhesive on the back and stick it anywhere you want to! 

Why Are Some Products Not $1?

We offer Charity Edition Collections made exclusively with one mission in mind: to give back. These collections support causes like, standing against animal testing and abuse to supporting education and more. A portion of proceeds from sales go towards organizations making a difference in the world we believe in. Learn more.


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